Corcs Drum & Organ

Saturday 3rd July · Sala Polivalent · Castell d’Aro · 21 h · Free

It seems hard to believe that two guys, with their hands (and feet), with instruments from the 70s and 80s, are able to create such a powerful, danceable, and fascinating concert, both to see and hear, for those who can’t resist getting up from their chairs.

Aside from rejecting digital technology, Joan Sobrevals is an organist who has absorbed the sound of the records and music from the likes of Booker T, Barbara Dennerlein, Jimmy Smith, Jackie Mittoo… Some funky bass arises from his feet and, with no pretensions to virtuosity, he whacks out those rhythms and melodies with his hands, and you don’t really know if they sound familiar or not.

If there’s one skill reserved for the privileged few, it’s the ability to make songs grow beat by beat, and rhythm by rhythm. Following in the footsteps of great drummers like Nate Smith, Ringo Star, John Bonham and Brian Blade; Oriol Cases applies his knowledge, acquired as a producer of techno, to his more than 20 years of playing drums with renowned musicians, in order to connect the emotions of the audience with the emotions of the musicians playing with him.

Committed to making the most of the resources, and uncomfortable with the unnecessary plundering that continues to be carried out in order to maintain an absurd pace of life, Corcs Drum & Organ have taken the risk in bringing back an obsolete and underestimated technology to prove that ageing is subjective. Everything can be restored, which is why they use instruments made in Barcelona 40 or 50 years ago.

Their first album, Una Altra Excepció (Ardace Records), was released on 17th April, 2020.

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