Familia Caamagno

Saturday 29th April · Sala Font del Ferro · Castell d’Aro · 22.00 h · Free

Pop and Rock’n’Roll band founded in 2011 by five young men from Sigüeiro. In October of 2012 they released their own self-titled EP and began performing in concert venues throughout Galicia. Soon after, they became known within the Galician music scene, mainly for their live performances, their original material and genuine individuality. The predictions were confirmed when they won the 5th edition of the “Concurso Rock Diputación de Coruña” music competition.

In 2014 they released the EP “Hai que andar cos tempos”. It was picked as one of the top 100 albums of the year by El Sótano of Radio 3 who also chose the song “Surfistas Nazis” as the official song of Summer 2014. In 2016 they launched the EP “Para una vez que saímos” recorded in Circo Perrotti and edited by Lixo Urbano, like the previous one.

In 2019 they presented their first full-length LP “Había que intentalo” released by Folc Records. This Project explores the boundaries between Garage and Pop music. It connects with earlier material, and carries on with 60s inspired rock’n’roll but with a fresh energy. In October of 2022 they released “O mundo está derrotado” an LP recorded and produced by Carlos Hernández (Los Planetas, Carolina Durante, Airbag, Los Enemigos…) at the El Castillo Alemán Studios, in Madrid.

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