Les Rencards

Saturday 2nd July · Sala Polivalent · Castell d’Aro · 21 h · Free

A Frenchman, a Brazilian and two Catalans enter a bar, drink it dry and immediately found the new sensation of French punk “made in Barcelona”. A girl and three boys, mad rockers, lovers of the fiercest sounds of rock’n’roll, freakbeat and the craziest garage.

Merli Marlowe (“front girl”, lead vocals), Marc Argenter (guitar), Gabriel Camargo (bass) and Ian Kay (drums) are veterans of the European scene and had previously made noise in the ranks of Les Mortettes, Els Trons, The Grandaddies, The 54321s, Missing Souls and The Cavemen Five, among others.

Their passion is rock’n’roll in its most primitive state and they are sponsored by the American producer, Mike Mariconda.

Les Rencards are what the post-coronavirus world needs!

Long live the Party!

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