The Educators

Saturday 4th May · Sala Font del Ferro · Castell d’Aro · 21 h · Free

Branquias Johnson is a “light music” artist from somewhere in the mountain region of Ronda. His mother sold him as a newborn in exchange for grain to feed the animals on their old, crumbling ranch.

Mr. Branquias, or Mr. Johnson, or Mr. Branquias “The Storm” Johnson, as he prefers to be called, made a mud and blood pact in the sludge somewhere, in a place known only to him and the Devil. This has been the key to his success.

His new EP, composed of 5 tracks titled “Ni plata ni miedo”, has been co-produced by two of the most currently relevant labels – Hotel Records and Folc Records. Neither good nor bad can come of this alliance.

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